Music & Sound Design

Wil is an internationally award-winning composer, songwriter, sound designer and theatre professional from Brisbane, Australia. He has created music and weird sounds for plays, ballet, musicals, films, advertising and a whole host of other fun projects. Feel free to get in touch

"His compositional language is strong and exciting, and his ability to respond to the piece he is working with is exceptional... An artist who is already achieving something great despite not even coming close to the peak of his craft."

Nathanael Cooper

The Sydney Morning Herald

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Photo credit: Torrey Atkin

"What makes his work special is that his music extends beyond the composition. He understands the importance of storytelling, weaving narrative into music."

Joseph Stewart

Choreographer - Kunst Haus, Berlin

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Arc (2020)
Brutal (2020)
Broken: A Sockumentary
Swan Lake (Act II) & Graduation Ball
QB20 - Celebrating 60 Years
Bespoke - From Within
Angel's Palace (2019)
Kill Climate Deniers (2019)
The Feed - Coles: Little Shop of Horrors
Theo and Celeste (2018)
Yielding (2018)
Jane and Kel Go To Hell (2018)
Freudian Slip (2018)
Dead Devils of Cockle Creek (2018)
Elizabeth I (2017)
While I Was Dying (2017)
WeWillNotKissTouchFrightenYou (2017)
Spaceman Jones (2017)
Rice (2017)
Sonder (2017)
The Village (2017)
Propel (2017)
Single Asian Female (2017)
Exquisite (2017)
Lest We Forget (2016)
Allen (2016)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2016)
The Theory of Everything (2015)
The Sleeping Beauty (2015)
Dust Covered Butterfly (2015)
Peter Pan (2015)
Tiptoe (2015)
Coppelia (2015)
Samson (2016)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2015)
The Wind in the Willows (2015)
Viral (2014)
Sweet Meniscus (2014)
Caligula (2014)




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"Wil Hughes will transform a scene from emotional to profoundly moving, from witty to hilarious. He possesses the instinct to create an aural story that elevates every project he touches."

Michelle Law

Writer - Single Asian Female, Homecoming Queens

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